May 6


Christ Is Risen in 2024!

Christ is risen! We made our own bluesy/folky version of the “Christ is Risen” hymn. We sing this ancient tune about a thousand times during Pascha (“Easter” in the Orthodox Church). I wrote the music and some of the lyrics, which were inspired/lifted from the St. John Chrysostom paschal homily. The third verse was written by Bryan T Odeen. Enjoy!

Christ is risen from the dead
Trampling down death by death
And upon those in the tombs
Bestowing life

Let no one weep when you fall
For Hell is fettered in chain and ball
Thou pardon shines forth from the grave
When death meets Jesus face to face

The table’s laden and wineskins full
Rich and poor together ye hold
You sober and heedless honor this day
Let none who hunger be turned away

Oh hungry death where is your sting
Where’s the sorrow that you bring
The tomb where life was laid is bare
Your victory was stolen there

Download the chord sheet here:


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