December 8


Let’s Hang Out On the Holodeck for the Holidays

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As a child (a flower child), who grew up without a television and was carefully sheltered from any thread of pop culture, Star Trek Next Generation somehow slipped through the cracks—probably sanctioned for its focus on exploration, theoretical science, and the constant refrain of ethical dilemmas around the conference table. It’s the one show I remember watching very early on with my dad and Aunt PollyWolly Thurston.

In honor of this sliver of pop culture that deeply influenced my development as a child and into middle age, my holiday offering this year is a Trekmas carol, “Let’s Hang Out on the Holodeck for the Holidays.”

I wrote the music and put the video together. My good friend Joe Thompson (whom I have never actually met in person but considered a brother from another mother) wrote the lyrics and did the animations in the video. My son was the chief director sitting over my shoulder the whole time as I smooshed the clips together. He weighed in on just about every decision and clearly showed a natural propensity to upper-middle management. Enjoy

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Title: Let’s Hang Out on the Holodeck for the Holidays

Lyrics by Joe Thompson, Music by Rigel Thurston

ASCAP Work ID: 922621396

ISRC: QZ6GT2300001


This delightful and upbeat Trekmas carol is a musical tribute to the beloved sci-fi franchise, Star Trek. The song is a true celebration of the show’s rich history and features an array of iconic characters and scenes from both old and new episodes. From the ever-faithful Uhura to the logical Spock, the curious Data, the wise Picard, the adventurous Captain Kirk, and even the mischievous Harcourt Mudd, all the fan-favorite characters are represented in this joyful tune. Additionally, the lyrics also pay homage to some of the show’s most memorable elements, such as Bloodwine, Tribbles, and more. With its jazzy piano and vocal production, this Trekmas carol is a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit for any Star Trek fan.

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