October 12


Off-Grid Living in New Mexico

I am proud to say that almost all of our off-grid systems didn't fail this time when we camped on our land last week in Abiquiu (NM).

1) I worked remotely. I logged some hours and even had a Zoom meeting with flawless internet connection.

2) I installed a 200ah battery and a second solar panel, and didn't run out of juice once!

3) I installed my glorious All-holy, Humanure system. This is my pride and joy. I named the compost receptacle "Central Bank" in honor of Wendell Berry's poem, "MANIFESTO: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front."

It is unbelievably satisfying to know that a little part of me will merge with this soil and someday turn the desert into an oasis, one poop at a time. If anyone wants to stop by and make a deposit, it would be my honor to receive you...and, yes, I might also be asking you to join my new religion.

As I make my offering, I sing in Byzantine style chant, "Thine own of thine own, we offer unto thee (grunt) in behalf of all and for all!"

Low points:
- One night, the wind just didn't quit. It was whistling and buffeting our tiny house all night. I awoke to Polly tapping me and the scraping, clunking sound of our shower/pooper tent collapsing. I prayed that the pooper was still upright. Thankfully it was not dumped out all over the floor. The windward string securing the tent to the cinder blocks snapped. I shall use rope, next time!

All in all, it was a great trip. Next time, I want to add more music to the mix.


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