November 27


Damn I Am a Very Lucky Man

“Damn, I Am a Very Lucky Man” is a collaboration with my buddy Joe Thompson who I met in my 100 Days of Songwriting community. Joe emailed me the lyrics, I made the music, and my son, Ozzy, consulted me on the choreography. He taught me a move called the “dab,” which we wove into our signature combo found at the climax of each chorus. I am also fond of my air-jump-roping.

Fun fact: my goal was to have this ready for Thanksgiving day as an offering to the gods of turkey and overeating, but when Thanksgiving rolled around, and I still hadn’t recorded the song, I decided I was being too literal with my deadline. I mean, what is time, anyways? When does giving thanks really begin and end? Why lock myself into the cage of rigid manufactured concepts designed to excavate the topsoil of riparian emergence, to be replaced with railways of commerce and predictability, when I can offer a flower of thanks at any point in the eternal present? A flower that heeds no paved contour of modernity. This flower will find a crack in the concrete and grow willy-nilly.

See what I did there? I can rationalize anything and use modernity as a scapegoat, and you can too. But please don’t take away my cell phone, my electricity, or my bidet.

On with the show:

May the spirit of interpretive dance come upon you, your friends, and your family this holiday season!




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