October 17


Dad Aesthetics

Son: Papa, how do you birth such life altering fashion into the world? And it’s like you’re not even trying.

Me: Son, sometimes our natural limitations combined with a willingness to flirt with the boundaries of our family’s reputation spawn the greatest creativity. What most people don’t know is that I am out of clothes. My one pair of jeans ripped from the top of my butt crack to my perineum, and my backup pair of shorts also ripped from the top of my butt crack to my perineum.

Son: And those socks. Wow, the way you juxtapose televisions on one foot with vegetables on the other. It’s got me thinking; what am I putting into my body? What am I feeding my mind? Have I become what I eat? I will chew on this insight for days. Thank you for helping me reflect on my life in a way that is evocative yet gentle, allowing me to gradually come to a deeper self-awareness without forcing it.

Me: I too marvel at myself.

Son: And that bracelet. Did you make it?

Me: Yes, I prayerfully caressed each bead. The different colors represent the various parts of my consciousness that are at war with each other. I am learning to integrate them into my being so that I can love my enemies, like Jesus.

Son: A little miracle just happened in my heart.

Me: you are welcome.


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