September 11


A Savory Song: “Lick Your Plate”

Last night I was assaulted by the sirens of seasonal smells as I snuck into Sprouts between sets to get a salad. Wow, didn’t plan on that. it just bubbled up.

‘Tis the season! Thanks to the benevolent marketing departments of grocery stores preparing our subconsciouses for the buying season with fall colors and sweet cidery smells. Folks, we are nowhere near fall yet in Austin. The temperatures barely dipped below 100 this week. Leaves are dying and falling to the ground out of protest, not for sentimentality’s sake or a tradition of heeding the earth’s axial shifts or bio-rhythms.

I want to share a song I wrote this week during my 12th 100 days of Songwriting. As I write this today, I am on day 9 of 100.

The consequences of sharing this song with others could be dire, particularly with spouses or children who are easily influenced by rockstars, such as myself. Your family’s reputation is at stake here. If that’s something you want to hold on to, I suggest keeping it private.

"Lick Your Plate" lyrics;

The waiter is clearing our plates, ready to bring the dessert out
But that puddle of Alfredo sauce still needs to get in my mouth
It’s too shallow for a spoon to make a purchase
God made fingers, now it’s time to give em purpose

The voices in my head are telling me I shouldn’t
Waggin’ their fingers and scolding me if you were civilized you wouldn’t
But If you scrape that plate into the trash I know I couldn’t bear the loss
All I want to do is let my fingers twirl in that sauce
The choice lies before me I am certain I am ready

I am Gonna look you in the eyes while I lick my plate
I’m gonna rise up for what’s right, won’t hesitate
I’m Gonna lick my plate (pause)
I just I licked my plate no hiding anymore no more need to obsfucate

Now I’m holding space in this uncomfortable silence
I broke unspoken conventions torn by non-compliance
There’s no arguments to fix it now nothing left that you can say
Cause we’re still here at the table and tapioca’s on it’s way
Don’t these rules seem suspicious when they deny you what’s delicious.

So go ahead and look me in the eyes while you lick your plate
Why don’t you rise up for what’s right don’t hesitate
You can lick your plate,
Go ahead and lick your plate, no hiding anymore no more need to obsfucate
Now go lick your plate


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