January 20


We Have Power in the Dome

Earth-dome update: It’s been touch and go since the holidays, but my dad just visited and gave me a huge boost. He had double knee replacement surgery earlier this year. I thought for sure we would be takin’ it easy, but on day two he was like, “son, what do you want to work on?” Next thing I knew, he was out in the dirt with his flip-flops digging a trench for our electrical conduit. And now we have power! Polly did a ribbon-cutting style shovel full of dirt. Ozzy did too with the hoe. I insisted that my dad bring his Indian flute, which he hasn’t touched for 30 years, for a dome christening—still got it in him! The other project I worked on was putting the door in and colored glass blocks around the front. The color of the blocks represent the different altitudes of development, based on the integral theory. I wanted to create a space for contemplation at the threshold between interior and exterior.

Speaking of contemplation, here's Dad's flute playing:


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