Dick And Caro House Concert 2019
with Rigel Thurston

Hello there! I made a special page just for you who came to my show at Dick and Caro's House.

You all were the perfect audience. I wish everyone laughed at my jokes, clapped at the end of every song, and shouted "encore!" 

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Download or stream the entire concert here:

00:00:00 - I’ll Do the Waterin’ if You Pull The Weeds by Rigel Thurston

00:02:48 - My Hometown by Eli Amerson 

00:05:48 - When I Think of You in Brooklyn by Rigel Thurston 

00:09:00 - You’re Mind is On Vacation by Mose Allison

00:12:52 - 27 Foot Trailer by Rigel Thurston 

00:16:08 - If I Had a Boat by Lyle Lovett 

00:19:34 - Fields of Gold by Sting 

00:23:16 - It’s Not All Mountaintops by Rigel Thurston 

00:26:38 - I Can’t Get No Likes Outta You by Rigel Thurston

00:28:32 - There’s a River Runnin’ Through My Mind by Rigel Thurston

00:32:26 - You Gotta Keep On Rowin’ by Rigel Thurston

 00:32:26 - Imagination by Rigel Thurston

BONUS: A story about the family rowboat

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